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Business IT Support Services in Sydney’s North Shore

Helping You Grow Your Business

Neighbourhood IT is a proven technology partner, helping local businesses thrive for 17 years. We’re small business IT support specialists across Sydney’s North Shore. Our strategic advice, technical expertise and hands-on support is trusted by hundreds of small and medium businesses to make technology work for them.

We deliver straightforward whole-of-business solutions and 24/7 stability, along with top-notch service – all without the corporate price tag. We’re part of the North Shore community. When you work with us you’re dealing with real people who are Sydney locals. We’re not far away from wherever your business is for affordable IT support services.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Business IT Support

Getting Started

Businesses can have complicated technology needs – but not always the budget for an IT manager. That’s where we help. We’re your very own outsourced IT department, providing everything from a technology roadmap to installation and hands-on support. You can rely on us for plain language advice, not technical jargon.

Your business may be just starting, growing or expanding geographically – each stage has specific technology needs. It’s far better to get it right up-front than experience a world of pain. Our whole-of business approach means we’re always looking at your big picture when it comes to your IT strategy.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney IT Expert

“I need an IT expert who understands business issues and priorities.”

Our focus is on ensuring technology is an enabler for your business. We only do what’s right for you and your situation, so that your business maximises the benefits from IT, while minimising risk. We look at the short and long term needs of your business, to provide solutions that deliver the results you’re after.


Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Technician

We’re your local computer technicians for affordable IT support across the Sydney North Shore.

Computer and IT Support Services Neighbourhood IT - North Shore Sydney Business IT Support

Mission-critical technology

When your technology needs maintenance and repair, that can be done at a time which suits you, avoiding any business disruption.

Many businesses need their technology humming 24/7. If their server or systems go down, it can mean that business grinds to a halt.

Our remote fault identification means we can correct anything before it impacts your business. This means we monitor your business’ technology via a 24/7 centralised monitoring system, which identifies any problems – sometimes even before they occur, so that we can immediately address any issue.

When your technology needs maintenance and repair that can be done at a time that suits you, avoiding any business disruption.

Our engineering mindset means we have the bigger picture in mind. We do things right, and don’t cut corners or take risks. This means your business is in safe hands and is served in the short and long term.

Safeguard your business’ mission-critical technology.

Computer and IT Support Services Neighbourhood IT - North Shore Sydney Supporting your workforce

Supporting your workforce

“My staff often travel or work from home.”

It doesn’t matter where you or your staff are – we can support you 24/7.

Many businesses need their staff to have access to shared data or systems from anywhere in the world, while not compromising security. We work with you to implement cloud-based and other solutions so that your staff can be connected, anytime, anywhere.

If your staff need business tech support in the office or on the road, we’re able to help. We can even make computer repairs via remote control. This includes Servers, Networks, PCs and Notebooks.

We’re whizzes at supporting businesses keep their staff connected and productive, regardless of where they’re working.

Computer and IT Support Services Neighbourhood IT - North Shore Sydney On-Tap Support

On-Tap Support

“I need IT support on an on-tap basis only.”

We can support as much or as little as your business needs, and we understand that that is likely to change over time and depending on circumstances. Our competitive hourly rate means you aren’t locked in to a contract, but yet have peace of mind that we’re just a phone call away. We’re there when you need us.


“My business isn’t big enough to afford its own IT person.”


Your business may not have the budget for an IT manager, but still has ongoing technology needs. We specialise in being your very own outsourced IT manager. We work with you to determine what you need, and customise our services to suit your business.

See how we can help your business.

What Our Clients Say

I have been a customer of Laurence and his team for approx. 15 years now and they always have a quick response and fix to any problems that arise. Totally satisfied. Great work. Highly recommended.
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan
Henry from Neighbourhood IT is always very friendly and prompt, solving any issues straight away.
Cathy Hopkins
Cathy Hopkins
Excellent service, friendly and helpful, solved our IT issues. Highly recommend.
Libby C
Libby C
My laptop's hard drive gave up the ghost and I needed to get back online. Darren from Neighbourhood IT diagnosed the problem and discussed with me options on how to remedy the situation. I picked up my laptop this afternoon and I'm back up and running.Thank you to Darren for his expertise and great customer service. I've found my IT Service provider.
Ben de Leon
Ben de Leon
Neighborhood IT have always been very efficient with sorting my business tech out as I am so computer illiterate. Henry is efficient and explains things simply, I would highly recommend them for any other business or personal needs.
Lara Watt
Lara Watt
What a great group of Technical persons in solving in my case computers. The ability of my Technician Henry to find a problem and describe the issue was certainly the way of knowing I have the right person to fix it. Henry arrived on time, found the issue quickly and returned my computer in a much better state than before,
Daryl Rickards
Daryl Rickards

We’re available 24/7 for computer emergency support.

Our centralised monitoring system means problems are often identified before your business is impacted. And when things go wrong, we can remotely investigate and fix, or attend your premises to manage on the spot.

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