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Neighbourhood IT has been trusted to solve IT challenges in homes across Sydney’s North Shore for 17 years. We’ve helped thousands of local families with their technology purchasing decisions, troubleshooting and computer repairs. We avert disasters, rescue data and devices, and get things working smoothly.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Independent Pre-purchase advice
Independent Pre-purchase advice

“I need to upgrade my family’s technology, and aren’t sure what to get.”

Considering the average family has nearly 30 connected devices, and spends thousands of dollars each year on technology, it’s an investment worth getting right.

We provide recommendations on what to purchase and help with setting it all up. Our advice is completely independent – we are brand agnostic. Our recommendations and services are exclusively determined by what’s right for you.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Family Tech Strategy
Getting the most out of your technology

“All my family’s devices, printers, networks and accounts are doing my head in!”

If you need help managing your family’s technology needs, we can help you get the most out of your investment. Most families are technology dependent, and as devices proliferate, it gets harder to stay on top of it all. We fix Macs, laptops and PC’s.

We set up or disentangle shared systems, simplify everything, and get things running smoothly.

We’ve helped over 4,000 customers with their technology needs in the past
17 years.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Home & Family IT Support
Troubleshooting and repairs
  • “I just spilt coffee on my computer!”
  • “My computer is just not working the way it used to.”
  • “The wifi in my house is patchy or unreliable.”
  • “I clicked on a link, and now my computer is infected with a virus.”

You’re not alone. There are a bunch of reasons why computers and devices don’t work properly. The good news is, most of them are fixable.

We regularly restore computers that have been remotely locked by scammers or infected with viruses, are overheating or just running slowly. We’ve enabled wifi in houses built like concrete bunkers, and recovered lost data and emails.

Whatever the cause of your technology pain, as your local computer technician, we’ll find the reasons and restore your computer to its former performance and get things working smoothly. We provide all types of IT support across North Sydney. We can come to you, or you can bring your device to our repair centre.

Neighbourhood IT North Shore Sydney Technician

We’re your local computer technicians for affordable IT support across the Sydney North Shore.

What Our Clients Say

I have been a customer of Laurence and his team for approx. 15 years now and they always have a quick response and fix to any problems that arise. Totally satisfied. Great work. Highly recommended.
Peter Bryan
Peter Bryan
Henry from Neighbourhood IT is always very friendly and prompt, solving any issues straight away.
Cathy Hopkins
Cathy Hopkins
Excellent service, friendly and helpful, solved our IT issues. Highly recommend.
Libby C
Libby C
My laptop's hard drive gave up the ghost and I needed to get back online. Darren from Neighbourhood IT diagnosed the problem and discussed with me options on how to remedy the situation. I picked up my laptop this afternoon and I'm back up and running.Thank you to Darren for his expertise and great customer service. I've found my IT Service provider.
Ben de Leon
Ben de Leon
Neighborhood IT have always been very efficient with sorting my business tech out as I am so computer illiterate. Henry is efficient and explains things simply, I would highly recommend them for any other business or personal needs.
Lara Watt
Lara Watt
What a great group of Technical persons in solving in my case computers. The ability of my Technician Henry to find a problem and describe the issue was certainly the way of knowing I have the right person to fix it. Henry arrived on time, found the issue quickly and returned my computer in a much better state than before,
Daryl Rickards
Daryl Rickards

“The deadline is tomorrow and my computer just died!”

Too often devices fail when you need them most. We’ve been able to help countless customers get back up and running by recovering data and emails, repairing failed hard drives, and 1001 other things. We’re computer repair specialists in Sydney.

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